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Nail Polish Remover

Nail Polish Remover

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Nail polish remover in your Beauty routine

In the same way, you revive correction fluid, you can restore those gunky nail polishes by adding a few drops of your acetone nail polish into the bottle and leaving it to sit for a few houses before giving them a vigorous shake. Be sure not to put too much acetone in as this might ruin the consistency.

Incredible Uses of Nail Polish Remover when Cleaning
  • Cleaning Surfaces. Nail polish remover can be used effectively to clean a range of surfaces. ...
  • Shine shoes. ...
  • Erase superglue. ...
  • Revive a watch. ...
  • Remove permanent marker stains. ...
  • Disinfectant for grooming. ...
  • Eliminate the bathtub ring.
  • Clean your china teacups
  • Remover of permanent marker marks
  • Clean paint from windows
  • Sanitize your beauty tools with acetone nail polish remover
  • Deep clean your keyboard

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